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Other Services

In addition to our comprehensive car audio installation work, we also know how to install several other types of accessories and electronics that can greatly enhance your driving experience. Some of our most common non-audio installations include navigation systems and radar detectors. 

In our inventory there are a wide range of colors, types, and styles that work with most vehicles. We also stock LED lights allowing your amplifier and subwoofer’s interiors to glow, further enhancing your stereo system’s look!

The decision is easy! Come by and let our sales team help you find exactly what you want! 

Car Security

We carry many versatile OEM integration solutions for aftermarket remote starters and security systems. Most starters feature the new-style 4-button remotes with dedicated arm and disarm buttons. Other enhancements include the control center, a combined antenna, valet switch, and status LED, all housed in one unit to ensure a high level of security. 

Dash Kits

When installing any other receiving unit into your dash, you will need to use a dash kit to make the receiver look like it was factory installed. Dash kits are easy to use; they normally just snap into the existing dash spot on your vehicle. We stock both foreign and domestic dash kits for your aftermarket installation convenience.