Car Audio Components

Banging Systems Car Audio Speakers

Normally, the first step in creating a high-quality sound system for your car involves replacing factory speakers with some high-quality, aftermarket ones. When it comes to improving sound production quality, the midrange frequencies are most important and noticeable. This is what you and your passengers will hear most, regardless of what type of music you play. 

Our full selection of audio systems and speakers includes 2-way, 3-way, 4-way, full-range, mid-range, mid-bass, tweeters, and full system sets. We offer a broad range of sizes, types, and wattages for the best brand names in the speaker business, all complete with their required components. We’ll make sure every part is in place, properly secured, and ready for use so you can appreciate the harmonious notes of your favorite musicians on your drive home!

Audio Accessories

Banging Systems is your main supplier for all major brands of car audio accessories. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide you with the best possible solutions for all of your car audio needs. Our newly built 14,000 square foot audio complex is rated first in the metropolitan area and our stocked inventory can't be beat!

So please stop in and ask your questions, have a look around, and find out what's new in the audio market. We have everything you need to fix those small annoying problems or tweak your current system so it performs at full potential.

Our technicians will be happy to assist you in installing your custom, dream audio system!

Remember, if you haven't heard it from us, you haven't heard it!

Amplifier Kits, High Current Amplifiers, and Kits for All Major Amplifier Brands

Our amplifier kits include DC power wire, ground wire, remote wire, RCA cable, and an ATC fuse with a fuse holder. We have 3/0, 1/0, 4, 8, and 10 gauge kits in stock. Car and audio fuses and fuse holders are also available. We also carry car and audio wiring for all your special power needs along with those hard-to-find cables or special wiring connectors. 

Custom Antennas

Our custom antenna kits are specially designed for several types of domestic and foreign cars. They’re available in chrome or black fiberglass and some are even electrically powered to give you that sleek, customized look. You can install them yourself or let us do it professionally to guarantee unrivaled audio reception!

Bass Blocker

Play it loud! But make sure you can enjoy the mid-range frequencies too. We have bass blockers in all frequencies to help balance out your system. You can achieve audio perfection with complete clarity of sound! We also install noise suppressors, line output converters, and radio interface devices for satellite radios.
Are batteries punching your high current amplifier? Adding a second deep cell battery can save your car’s existing battery from failure. Don't drain the main; install that deep cell battery today and enjoy uninhibited musical entertainment!


Capacitors store large amounts of current to discharge quickly to meet your amplifier’s needs when current demands peak, typically for heavy bass. Standard automotive batteries cannot deliver the proper current for high-powered audio amplifiers. Don't waste your amps wattage with a non-peaking audio system. You’ll hear the difference with a properly installed Farad capacitor from Banging Systems! 

Installation Adapters

Looking for that certain adapter? Look no more! In our vast experience, we’ve learned exactly what works when it comes to meeting specific car model’s audio needs.

We have all the accessories you need including:

  • iPod/MP3 to RCA adapters
  • RCA to A/V cables
  • Voltage displays
  • Ground loop isolators
  • Line output converters
  • Amplifier bass knobs
  • Ground loop isolators
  • RCA signal boosters
  • Noise filters
  • Timers
  • Retractable cables

OEM Harness

We’ll assist you with your transition from factory to aftermarket receiver devices! We stock a wide range of receiver and harness types for several vehicle makes so we can always find the right parts to provide you with a reliable installation.

Pro Audio

If you are looking for PA system speakers, turntables, club lighting, or wireless microphones, you have come to the right place. With all of the best brands in the industry, our selection is hard to beat!


Car Audio is our passion, from amplifiers to subwoofers, and audio speakers to high-end receivers. We install all the major brands to make your ride look and sound fantastic.


Building an audio system requires several parts and accessories to ensure proper functionality and reliability. We offer a wide range of the best, hard-to-find, and custom items. Our technical staff will make sure you get everything required for your custom installation!